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Cherry, strawberry, blueberry and plum aromas combined with toffee apple and French cedar oak notes.  Warm balanced alcohol with a long elegant finish.  

Our very first Eau De Vie made from our signature Pinot Noir grape, grown on low yielding vines, producing a premium wine and subsequent white spirit that is complex and concentrated. Our aromatic white spirit brandy will develop slowly in cool cellar.

Grape Wine Brandy as known in the Western world has been made since the Roman times. Artemis Wines Australia is the first to produce Brandy in an Eau De Vie style which is a white spirit (Grape Baijiu) that complements the Chinese taste and a blend of traditional and modern Western design.

Artemis Eau De Vie is created through distillation of the finest Australian wine that was made from cool~climate grapes that have been fermented with our unique wild yeast to create our most prestigious Eau De Vie.

Price $120.00